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Coinbase Wallet not Showing Balance

How to Fix Coinbase Wallet not Showing Balance Issue?

Why is Coinbase Wallet?

Coinbase is a top-notch and popular crypto wallet that makes cryptocurrency transactions more effective. Of course, the exchange has become quite popular and transparent in the Coinbase wallet. With its new Coinbase listing, new users are also attracted to the transparency in doing exchanges. However, at the same time, some users are experiencing Coinbase wallet not showing balance correctly. Due to some reasons or technical glitches, it may happen. Due to some reasons or technical glitches, it may happen and resolves as soon as possible. Users can experience some troubles, which can delay the transactions and may not update the balance wallet on command. Due to the above mentioned reasons, it can be easily overcome by following only a few steps.

Here are some Reasons why Coinbase Wallet is not Showing the balance correctly.

1. Internet Issue-

Do you wonder why the Coinbase wallet is not showing the balance correctly on the screen? Then, it may be due to a connectivity issue, and you have to check the internet connection. The wallet sometimes needs a good connection to fetch the updated balance. 

2. Opt for Synchronization:-

Coinbase requires synchronization with the blockchain network to display the right balance. Of course, the reason is to check and synchronize the data and value to notice. This based on the required internet connection and allows the wallet to handle sufficient time with the network. 

3. Incorrect Login or Account:-

Sometimes, incorrect login and passwords affect the update of the balance, showing errors. If you logged in incorrectly, you have to enter the credentials properly without showing errors. In case of having multiple accounts, make sure to use the correct details for the respective account showing in the balance. 

4. Due to Some Pending Transactions:-

If you have pending transactions, you must also check the proper balance details. They may not reflect in the balance checking options. So, you must confirm whether you have any pending transactions and check the complete one to check the update. 

5. Technical Issues or maintenance:-

Of course, it may affect the balance-showing options due to a lack of technical issues or maintenance. Users must check the connection and complain to the authorities to determine whether it is technically an error. Check the official website or channels to determine whether they are updating the mistakes regarding the balance not showing a message in Coinbase. 

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Get Simple Steps to fix Coinbase Wallet not Showing Balance Issue

If your Coinbase wallet does not show a balance, follow these simple steps to save time. Users may troubleshoot Coinbase wallet not showing a balance issue with the proper solution and guide, followed by the Coinbase wallet instructions and maintenance tips. 

  1. First, check the Coinbase wallet app and update the latest version to fetch the latest features.
  2. Check that Coinbase has not undergone any server maintenance or downtime
  3. Clear the balance and wallet pending transactions, if any, for cache memory clearance
  4. Then, try to log out of the account and try again by refreshing 
  5. Finally, update the wallet extensions as soon as possible 

Things to do when Coinbase Wallet is not Showing Balance:-

If you are facing a Coinbase wallet not showing balance or zero balance, you have to do certain things. Of course, specific considerations are vital and have the best time to spend limiting the error-showing messages. 

  1. You must refresh the app before signing in or logging into the Coinbase wallet. Sometimes, a simple refresh may resolve the temporary display issues.
  2. Checking the internet connection is the primary step to resolving the not-balance showing errors in Coinbase. Sometimes, poor network connection may affect the update.
  3. Logging in and refreshing the account gives the best outcome for solving the balance not showing messages on Coinbase. It will also resolve the temporary glitches.
  4. Clearing cache and data sometimes requires trying different techniques. You can check and rectify the balance not showing an error in Coinbase. You can also find out the app settings and clear the cache and data as well. 
  5. Updating the app ensures the latest version, which supports all features accessed by the users. So, you must keep updating the latest version of Coinbase to experience a new one.


Finally, the Coinbase wallet does not show balance errors; you must rectify the mistakes without any hassles. Of course, you must check the steps and have faith in resolving the Coinbase wallet showing 0 balance errors within simple steps. Users must sign in or log in by refreshing the app or website to make the feature faster. If the above solutions do not do not work well, you have to consult Coinbase customer support for further assistance. It allows them to enable the proper solution to check and handle specific guidance tailored to the problem-solving methods. 


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